Talking to other travelers, I noticed a common issue when planning for a trip. Most individuals use excel, or notes to make a list of places to visit. However associating those places with the actual location on the map became an annoying back and forth task.


Make an interactive visual map that you can create the itinerary on. Also have the capability to collaborate with friends, and promote local businesses and events to travelers.


Knowing that this idea is already out there. I want to gather information on what people are using, and see where I can make improvements in their planning process. Along with finding what I could do differently or better then the current competition out there.

Competitive Analysis

1. TripHobo.com

Question based way to find out what to do. Then generates ideal locations based on your answers.

2. Google Trips

Offline itinerary so all trips are saved and suggestions could be added. Only editable through Desktop

3. Culture Trip

Simplar to TripHobo, it offers locations and ideas of where to go with out the questionare. In a blog like format. So you could save locations like bookmarks.

4. Lonley Planet App

Magazine based informative application. It feels a lot like an online magazine. But it's aimed toward a specific crowd.

What I Learned

A lot of these apps are on desktop only and require memberships, and only live within the website. You are able to access them through a mobile device but cannot edit any of them.

User Interviews

To find out if others had this pain pint when planning trips I decided to interview some random travelers. I targeted different types of travelers. Ones that traveled a lot, traveled often, then ones that rarely traveled at all.

Synthesized Data

Take Aways

I found a lot of variables that proved that my App was wanted. Majority of people I asked haven’t heard of the competition that I researched.


Based on the information Gathered by the interviews I created personas based on what I learned. I generated three personas to help me stay on track with the type of audience I was making this app for.

Main Functions

Knowing the needs of my audience I focused on four different functirons for the app.

IA Map


For these after going through a great number of wireframes, I found User Flows that worked, and broke them down to two possibilites. To find out which one would work I conducted A/B Testing

New Trip A/B Test

One flow A Listed all the form information on the screen, and the user jst had to fill it out. Option B had each question field appear one at a time until the final overview

High Fidelity Screens

After trying out the different variations of each screens, I decided on the final look of each screen


The on boarding shows the functions of the application, and shows what is possible with an easy to digest Illustrations

Creating A New Trip

Fill out the forms and optimize your trip to have an easier time planning.

Planning a Trip

Drop and color code pins, to visually organize your trip.

Home Screen

Based on the information Gathered by the interviews I created personas based on what I learned.


Screen

Question for Recommendations Screen

Create New Trip Screens

Map Ui