User Experience/Research

For this project I reached out to Local businesses, and took photos of their shop, and behind the scenes of their craft.

Ideas For Name

Places to Interview

Ambosia Bakery

Martha & Bros

Words For The Feels

- Helpful

- Local

- Real

- Community

Possible Names

- Pillers of the Bay

- Bay Area Faces

- Golden Roots

- Faces of Gold

- The Heart Of The City

- Community Heros

- Native


I wanted to Start in the Bay area since this is where I was conducting all the interviews.



After doing some research on the other competition. I started to contact some local businesses I knew and asked them about the types of people that visited their shops. Since it was a mix crowd of people I decided to make personas based on the people they described.


Logo Explorations

Final Few Logo

BI felt that these logos were close to where I wanted to be with my logo. So I placed them in color I would eventually use. After seeing them in different colors, I felt that the secondary logos could be used on sellable products, and other merchandise.

Main Logo

These logos were adjustable depending on the city they were in. Also I like the Heirchy of the text, and how it felt serious yet welcoming.

Type and Color

Ad Drafts


Web Mockups

For the website portion of it, I wanted it to feel inviting, and filled with different choices of businesses