The Old Design

Why Redesign

The first version of the app did not have any visual design principles. it lacked hierarchy, proper sizes for buttons, and confusing menues, and poorly cropped images. It just wasn't effective. THere was a lot of room for improvement so when about a year passed I decided to take a look at it and do it some justice.

Logo Redesign

The older logo was meant to represent a battery charging up, but it wasn’t refined and didn’t speak much about the brand. Also the typeface for the logos name doesn’t really give an energetic feeling.

New Logo Explorations

These are the New Logo explorations that would replace the old logo. They are a lot more vibrant and speak more about the brand.

Final Logos

These two logo’s were great examples of what I wanted the brand to say. The simple giant arrow is associated with a lot of video game level up Icons.Also the logo is big and bold to represent a stable brand, and product.


The Changes

Side by Side



I wanted to go for more of a better aesthetic for this design. I already had this idea of having the drinks look a lot more visually pleasing. I wanted them to pop out of the cards a bit to add depth.


Hi Fi Designs

The new design has less screens for a simple check out flow. The user could find what they need, and check out in no time.